Book Launch at the Abbey Medieval Festival 2020!

The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women
The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women

It's official news, everyone! I will be at the Abbey Medieval Festival on the 11th and 12th July, 2020 and we will be unofficially launching!

My medieval pavilion will be located in the Marketplace this year, and that’s where you’ll find me all set up with some exciting things going on! For the rest of the world, we launch July 14th but if you're coming to the Abbey Medieval Festival,  my book  The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women will be in stock for the first time in the world ever and you can get one from me in person! Everyone who buys a book receives a free bookmark and a Very Secret Surprise! Of course, you can just buy a sexy, tasselled No touchy-touchy! bookmark. Or just swing past to say hello and check out the Selfie Station!

Yes! There will be a Selfie Station in the tent! The cover of the book has been recreated in a huge oversized canvas and when you put your head into the hole where the lady's head was, you will literally put yourself on the cover of the book! Bring your phone or mobile device and we will photograph as the woman on the cover for free

Because I love free stuff and I’m sure you do too, I’m having a fun, free and slightly silly competition each day to win a signed book. All you need to do is come to the tent and say the Very Secret Word which will be on facebook the week before. Say the word, go into the draw free with one lucky person winning a book each day. 

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Abbey Museum raises $7 000.00 for Bushfire-affected town Genoa.

The author giving describing how to fake your virginity, medieval-style. Photo by Photos by Neda.
The author giving describing how to fake your virginity, medieval-style. Photo by Photos by Neda.

Last night the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology hosted a medieval-themed banquet, A Crusader's Journey, to raise funds for the fire-affected Victorian town, Genoa. 

Guests were treated to a wonderful evening food from the crusader period, Gregorian chanting, dance, talks and display of combat by armoured knights. 

I was honoured to be asked to do two short presentations, one with snippets from my upcoming book, The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, which had the audience swinging from laughter to gasps of disbelief.

It was a wonderful night, with funds reaching $7 000.00 for the Australian bushfires. Staff and performers donated their time and would-be wages to keep the funds directed where it is needed most.  


Bushfire Fundraiser: A Crusader's Journey

In a time of disaster, many urban dwellers feel helpless. There is no practical way to assist with firies or injured wildlife or volunteering on the ground, though many would like to. The next best thing to being there is providing funds for those who are in the fire zones and those affected. The Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology is one of those places stepping up to help, and I am proud to step up along with them.

The museum is hosting a medieval feast this Saturday night, A Crusader's Journey, which is donating all the profits to the small town of Genoa who is greatly in need at this time. Staff and members of the re-enactment community are volunteering their time to help, while the Schola Cantorum of Brisbane will be providing short performances of Gregorian chanting to set the mood.

The culture of patronage and assisting the needy has a long history, and rich medieval women were well known for their financial aid and assisting the needy. As a modern medieval woman, it is my privilege and honour to stand with those on the night and do what small things I can to help make the feast a success.

I'm delighted to share the news that I shall be giving a short, ten-minute Medieval Lady Etiquette talk (because it's fairly certain the guests will have been sitting, walking and even talking to each other in a socially inappropriate way all night) and most exciting of all, towards the end of the night, a short reading from The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women, (my non-fiction book to be released on an unsuspecting world on July 14th, 2020.)

We can't physically be there, in the fire zones, helping out but every little thing we do here can help them.

A Crusader's  Journey
Saturday, February 8, 2020. 6pm - 10pm
The Abbey Hall, 1-36  Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology
Old Toorbul Point Road. Caboolture,  Queensland.               


Event Calender 2020

A Crusader's  Journey
Saturday, February 8, 2020. 6pm - 10pm
The Abbey Hall, 1-36  Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology
Old Toorbul Point Road. Caboolture,  Queensland.                    

Secret Women's Business: Medieval Feminine Hygiene
Saturday April 18, 2020. 2:00pm
Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology
Abbey Hall, 1 - 63 The Abbey Place, Caboolture
Caboolture, QLD 4510 Australia.
Tickets are limited.

The Very Secret Ladies Night & Photoshoot
Sunday April 26th, 2020 (tentative date)
with photographer Neda Lundy from Four Horsemen Photography
Somewhere Secret.  

U3A Winterschool Talk.
The Very Secrest Sex Lives of Medieval Women.
Tuesday July 7, 2020 & Wednesday July 8, 2020 at 9am

U3A Rooms, Adelaide Street.
Brisbane City. Queensland
Numbers are limited.

Abbey Medieval Festival & Unofficial Book Launch
Saturday, July 11, 2020 - Sunday, July 12, 2020
Abbeystowe. Bribie Island Road. Caboolture,

The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women Book Launch
Thursday July 16, 2020, 6pm - 7.30pm
Books@Stones Book Store
Stones Corner, Brisbane

History Alive: A Journey Through Time 2020
22nd and 23rd of August, 2020
Rocklea Showgrounds, Brisbane
Multi time period History Event

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Amazon Author Page goes live!

Today I welcome any readers from the Amazon Blog who are now linked up to the Official Rosalie's Medieval Woman Live Journal Author Blog!

Here you'll find behind-the-scenes thoughts about the book production and potential events and actual events and places to catch up. If you're new to the book, you may be excited to discover a world of medieval woman goodness on my facebook page, Rosalie's Medieval Woman and just over one hundred pages of medieval things on the Rosalie's Medieval Woman website, which has not only information about medieval women, but helpful clothing how-to-make tutorials in easy steps with great pictures. I'm also newly on Instagram, but posting one a day over there.

If you've just joined me from the Amazon Author Page, swing over and scroll back to catch up on book news. Six months to go until release day and already so much is happening! Here's some ways to connect:


Abbey Medieval Festival Launch

Illumination by Tania Crossingham
Illumination by Tania Crossingham

The Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology had their Official launch for the Abbey Medieval Festival 2020 and it was a wonderful wine and canapes affair. It featured the launch of Tania Crossingham’s Illuminated artwork and branding for 2020.

It was fantastic to catch up with so many faces I don’t get to see unless at events and was an opportunity to catch up with freinds, among them Edith Cuffe OAM (our beloved Museum CEO), Michael Strong (Museum Director and Senior Curator), James Sunter from L’Orphin, Blair Martin (Lord Herald and Something Else Entertainment), Damien Fegan (QLHF Secretary), Neda Lundy (Photographer from Four Horseman Photography and Festival Photos), Sister Hilda (one of my favourite nuns), Paul Garcia the beautiful Mim and other amazing staff from the Abbey Museum including Michelle Hanton OAM and Michael Guarino (Marketing and Sponsorship Manager.) It was great to catch up with Thomas (Lord Herald) and his delightful wife! Sir Justyn Webb was present although he was occupied with official duties and I didn’t get to catch up.  

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Meeting Books@Stones


Today I went into my local independent book store for a meet meet and greet and to gauge interest in stocking The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women book and having author signings. here's what happened.

Books@Stones is my local independent book shop which specialises in Australian authors and medical textbooks. I met with the owner Michael Weibler, who was extremely helpful walking me through some of the processes as a new author, and as a local one at that.

Books@Stones is happy to not only have The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women in stock, but offered to host the Official Book Launch and have signings and promotions afterwards. I am anticipating that Books@Stones be the bookshop in Brisbane which exclusively has the Book-and-Complimentary-Tasselled-Bookmark package as an extra incentive for people to support my local indie book shop.

The suggestion is for a small, intimate Invitation Only Launch which takes about 30 people with Champagne and cheese and a book reading etc. The polished wooden floors and raised dais is particularly suited to the Australian feel of our lifestyle and is a beautiful environment. I also learned that they have a small meeting room out the back which is news to me! Perhaps, as a future thing, Secret Medieval Lady things might take place there.

Books@Stones sometimes does a larger Event in conjunction with our local Café, Lady Marmalade which is an extremely popular and up market place with amazing staff and food. There is usually a small cover, which then includes the entertainment and a glass of champagne on arrival and a bar and food is available through the café (which pays their staff, of course!) Early discussions with a re-enactment group, have expressed interest in providing colour on the night in the way of several Noble Ladies and perhaps men in armour or soft kit who, in turn, can use the Event as a recruiting opportunity and social media cross-promotion. Lady Marmalade is an extremely well-known place and does a lot of social media with Instagram gorgeousness.

Of course, there’s the Stones Corner Festival which closes off the main strip at both ends, has a licensed area which runs for about half the street, markets and kid’s things, has live bands and turns into a place which is amazing! Books@Stones is located towards the main stage end of the street and would be a perfect opportunity for a book table outside the shop in the main strip in costume. #futurethings. Sadly, it’s in May so that won’t be until next year.

Meanwhile, you can find them here:

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Stones Corner Library Meet and Greet Staff

Today I visited the recently revamped Stones Corner Library, on Old Cleveland Road, Stones Corner situated behind a huge, old Morton Bay fig which is strewn with an enormous amount of fairy-lights!
There I met two lovely ladies who answered all my questions about authory-thingys and whether they have them there and what they might be and whether I might be considered to join in.

As it happens, there are a number of these, both in the Stones Corner library itself and within the greater Brisbane City library network.
Prospective outcomes:
— Be included in the Lord Mayor’s Author events programme in libraries around Brisbane City and suburban areas including writer’s festivals.

— Potential Author readings or question and answer sessions.

— Potential twilight event in the courtyard under the Morton Bay Fig Fairy Lights.

The staff appeared extremely excited about the topic of The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women and said they were looking forward to reading it and being involved! I left with a shiny new library card and feeling hopeful about planning some things there.

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Book cover!

The official Publisher's cover
The official Publisher's cover

There we have it; the official book cover. The illumination by Tania Crossingham is outstanding and I love it so much. The text? Not what I wanted but it's a compromise on a number of other things.

As indicated by the side text, the book is available for pre-order online from both Book Depository and Amazon. Book Depository is currently AU$5.00 cheaper with free shipping, which beats the heck out of the $14.75 shipping on Amazon.

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Mark your book!

I've always wanted to make a few little Rosalie's Medieval Woman things for myself and have experimented with a few bits and pieces.. a cute T-shirt for me and a canvas bag to carry books. This week one of the big printing places had an Up-To-40%-Off-Most-Things sale and I caught it in the last 12 hours.

As a result, I now have a few things on their way in the post, all with the illumination I use on my book cover and website and the words "NO TOUCHY-TOUCHY!" helpfully printed in red block letters! I ordered a few things because a couple of friends have said that if I ever did make things, might they have some too?

No touchy-touchy tote bag
No touchy-touchy tote bag

On their way:

— A few canvas tote bags in cream and black
— 10 ceramic mugs
— Business card size book covers with the chapters on the back
— Bookmarks with illuminated leaves and lady in bed

The bookmarks will have those silky tassels in a few colours; bright red, bright blue or pink. The business cards are for me to take when I'm doing talks or out and about and people express interest in the book, especially since it's still pre-orders and the medieval season starts before the book it out. The mugs are extremely limited because shipping them may make them far too expensive to sell, although I will perhaps do a pre-order and collect at Abbey Medieval Festival. The tote bags are one each for me and a medieval friend and three spare in case anyone else is desperately keen and I will probably not get more. 

I've already used the company for business cards, so I'm confident the quality of the printed paper products will be nice, but if I am the lest bit unhappy with the quality of the mugs and bags, they will not be going anywhere. 

Fingers crossed.

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