Feedback just in from a lovely person who is a pre-reader for me. She is a medieval author herself, so she was able to helpfully spot a few things I need to amend. She will write a review for the book, but I just wanted to share her initial response after reading the draft copy...

" It is quite compelling and hilariously funny. I have been chuckling out loud and my husband says he thinks he ought to read it if it's such a tonic! God Forbid! LOL"

The big question is.. do we let the husbands read it if it's secret? Of course we do! They deserve every opportunity to go "ewwwwwwww" and "nooooo waaaaay" as much as the rest of us! 

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Libraries Are Amazing!

I know a lot of people at the online chat help on some websites, but a bit shout out the the gals who helped me out tonight from the John Rylands Library in England who answered my questions. The part of the image search was down, but they are helpfully passing on my requests to the right people in the right place who will email me with what I need to know.

Librarians rock.


Now! With Pictures!

I really wasn't going to have pictures in the book. I thought wrangling all the copyrights and permissions was just going to be too expensive and too hard for me to sort with no help at all, but it looks like I will have a bunch of great images as well!

Because I've needed to look for some new ones which are reproducable without breaking the bank, I have discovered new pictures which have been pretty cool, I must say!

Stay tuned!


Book Release Date!

I'm extremely excited to announce that Mango Publishing and I have a book release date! 

14 July, 2020!

Okay, that's a really long way away, but as far as timing goes, it's perfect! Re-enactment season here in Australia and the same week as the Abbey Medieval Festival and U3A Winterschool which means in very practical terms that everyone who has asked for a signed copy will be able to swing past if you're going to Abbey and pick one up which will save you postage.

And it's Summer release reading in America where my Mango people are.

Why the wait, I hear to say? After much thought, it's been decided that we will include pictures in the book, so this means rounding up all the permissions for manuscripts and waiting for those takes time, not to mention seeing if I can afford them OR doing some nifty line drawings. Either way, that's going to take a short while, then everyone goes on holidays over Xmas, and then the physical printing and all of the behind the scenes things need to happen. Many of these are done, of course. The book itself is finished and with the publishing team and a lot of the promo stuff is ready to roll.  

I'm feeling impatient myself, but I can see how it's a good release date. There will be a pre-release ordering available and when I know that date, I'll let you know!

I'll be posting less on facebook for a while until we get closer to July 2020 but I'll still be updating here with how things are progressing as they happen!

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Website upgrades

I've spent a bit of time streamlining the look of the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women and Rosalie's Medieval Woman webpages and will very shortly be kicking off new menus for a streamlined, easier main Rosalie's Medieval Woman website as well. There's a new facebook banner too. 

Illuminated manuscript commissioned from Tania Michaux Manesse Codex  style and photo by David de Groot It matches the new facebook banner as  well for a more cohesive look. Over the next week I'll be putting the  new banner and navigation links over the entire site, but that will take  a few nights.

New banners and new menus! 

All  your sexy medieval woman things, but prettier!


Making a difference

I know that you'll be happy to hear that even though trees die to make books, I have talked to my Mango Publishing people about paper options which are recycled or partly recycled. 

Of course, the e-books will eliminate the need for paper altogether, but every small effort to make a smaller ecological footprint helps. Greta Thunberg is right about one thing. If everyone does something, no matter how small, it makes a difference over all. 

Do something. Make a difference. Even a small one.

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Book Updates!

Well, it's been an exciting time in the word of book-related things for me and my lovely team at Mango Publishing. Things are moving along at an exciting pace.

After a chat with my editor today, we are going to see if I can wrangle some pictures for the book. I will need to look at copyrights and sources and see if it's viable, but wouldn't it be exciting to have some pictures?

At this point, I'm thinking that as much as colour pics would be wonderful, black and white keeps the cost of the book down, and as a book buyer, I know this is something to be mindful about.

I also now have a release date which I will share soon! With a bit of luck, it will tie in with some major medieval events in my part of the world, which would be exciting!
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New look for Rosalie's Medieval Woman website, facebook & author pages

Check out the new website look.

 I'm not keen on making a whole new author website, so I'll have  everything in one place. There's a new banner and menus for better navigation and the book pages have been redone entirely. The sitemap is now the main navigation and it's prettier now too! Facebook has a new banner as well. 

I'm not keen on making a whole new author facebook page either since I have so many really lovely friends on the Rosalie's Medieval Woman one, so  I'll have everything there as well as all the usual artifact collection posts,  manuscript observations, original medieval memes, medieval research and, of course, sewing projects. Over the next week  I'll be putting the new banner and navigation links over the entire  site, but that will take a few nights.

Illuminated manuscript  commissioned from Tania Michaux from Tania Crossingham's School of Illumination for my Manesse Codex style logo and photo by David de Groot from Four Horsemen Photography. It matches the new website banners as well for a more co-hesive look. #medieval #author #reenactor #livinghistory #newbook #verysecretsexlives #medievalwomen #allthehashtags 


Final copy finished

Finally finished the final copy. The publishers have the draft copy but now I'm done except for the forward which is supposed to be someone famousy. Total word count 70 267. I was aiming for 40 000, so feeling pretty happy about that. 

To be honest, if I had another six months, I'd probably elaborate more, but I think it's good as it is. I don't want to bore regular people who aren't medievalists and I know some books do go on a bit. Just got the bibliography finished and all that remains is the publishing format, and get the page numbers generated and that will let me put the index numbers on.

At any rate, I'll send this copy through in the morning and let them know I'm doing the formatting. Feeling pretty happy with my work and hoping other people will like it too.

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