Those penis-picking nuns.

I'm excited to say that permissions have come through for the penis-picking nuns, the nun actually having sex, our beloved bearded woman and the woman throwing her baby into a toilet.  The winged penis badge. Gosh, this all sounds a bit salacious. There are other really nice pictures too, like that guy enthusiastically holding up an eel. 

Giggling, educating and horrifying. 

I hope I won't have to sacrifice any of these for the word count or having to make the text really small. I'm aware that a lot of avid readers eyesight deteriorates a little over time lie mine, so a good font and size and readability is important to me.

#medievalwomen #verysecretsexlife #naughtynuns #medievalbook #authorthings #newrelease #nonfiction #books #newrelease2020


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