Planet Sarah Grant

Tuesday was a bit of a fun day recording a podcast for comedian Sarah Grant's new set of interviews, called TMI. She's a lass who is all about the Too Much Information, so when she asked if I'd do one with her, naturally, I said yes.

Entirely unnecessary inclusion of kitty
Entirely unnecessary inclusion of kitty

Sarah is currently Covid-trapped in Sydney, so we recorded via digital media, which also meant that proper zoom etiquette was duly followed and household cat displayed for gratuitous admiration. We might be talking frankly about things with TMI, but protocols must be followed!

We had a really fun few hours chatting about secret medieval lady sexy times things and hopefully, the recording went well and the editing will provide a reasonable listening experience.

We covered some of my favourite things- recipes for aphrodisiacs, Burchard's Corrector (he of the extremely rude church confessional questions) and spoke about some of the options a medieval woman has when it came to sex.

Sarah is hoping to have the podcast ready to go live in November, so I will keep you posted! meanwhile you can stalk her on Instagram @planetsarahgrant.


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