Book Release Date!

I'm extremely excited to announce that Mango Publishing and I have a book release date! 

14 July, 2020!

Okay, that's a really long way away, but as far as timing goes, it's perfect! Re-enactment season here in Australia and the same week as the Abbey Medieval Festival and U3A Winterschool which means in very practical terms that everyone who has asked for a signed copy will be able to swing past if you're going to Abbey and pick one up which will save you postage.

And it's Summer release reading in America where my Mango people are.

Why the wait, I hear to say? After much thought, it's been decided that we will include pictures in the book, so this means rounding up all the permissions for manuscripts and waiting for those takes time, not to mention seeing if I can afford them OR doing some nifty line drawings. Either way, that's going to take a short while, then everyone goes on holidays over Xmas, and then the physical printing and all of the behind the scenes things need to happen. Many of these are done, of course. The book itself is finished and with the publishing team and a lot of the promo stuff is ready to roll.  

I'm feeling impatient myself, but I can see how it's a good release date. There will be a pre-release ordering available and when I know that date, I'll let you know!

I'll be posting less on facebook for a while until we get closer to July 2020 but I'll still be updating here with how things are progressing as they happen!

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