Getting it wrong on social media

It's not the thongs melting
It's not the thongs melting

One of the things I love about social media is that fact checking is a bit arbitrary. Once a "fact" is out there, other blogs include it in theirs. It's on the internet, so it must be true!

This picture has been bandied around in blogs and posts lately in Ten Things You Didn't Know About Australia and it's absolutely killing me. 

The caption and the paragraph connected to it always goes to great pains to stress that sometimes it's so hot here, that it melts our thongs. I've seen it again and again.

Oh, honey, no.

Our thongs aren't melting in the heat. Our road is. That's the tar of the road melting and sticking to the thong, not the thong itself. 

Blog writers, if you're going to horrify people overseas with our unseasonal weather, please horrify them correctly!


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