Kenmore Author Talk


Hello Kenmore Library! 

What a place! The staff hosting this event were again so nice, and Tanya, my hostess with the mostess was warm and welcoming (but this seems to be a common theme with our Brisbane Library librarians) and were fantastic hosts and the place itself was an absolute surprise.

Nestled in behind the Kenmore Shopping Village, and an easy bus ride out from the city,  the exterior of the library does in no way prepare the visitor for the amazing views from the library windows upstairs.

How the staff get anything done here and not spend their hours gazing out at the scenery and birds, I do not know! It's such a tranquil spot!

Views of Kenmore from the library windows
Views of Kenmore from the library windows

The enormous windows offer a gorgeous view of the surrounding landscape and I can't imagine the staff here ever wanting to leave. Curling up in a chair near one of these windows is a bookworm's paradise!

an unexpected welcome!
an unexpected welcome!

With Covid making talks and events uncertain, many of the usual channels of print media for the author talks were bypassed in case of sudden cancellations and lockdowns, so staff took it upon themselves to grab some whiteboard pens and get creative on their own! 

I was quite touched that they had gone to this much effort for my talk but again, their efforts had paid off and another small but enthusiastic turnout joined me for a fun evening! Refreshments were again provided by Brisbane Libraries, free of course, and I made sure everyone who attended took home a free bookmark as a little token of my thanks!

I've been really pleased that staff feedback for the Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women Author talks have been so positive and I really hope that I can be involved in more of these events next year. Only a few more to go in this round.

My thanks to Kenmore Library for being such gracious hosts and Brisbane Libraries for hosting the series of talks altogether.


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