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Hab & Very Fab

My dear friend sister_michael has very kindly shared her linen samples she received from a shop which I'd never heard of before- Hab & Fab. I was particularly excited as their prices for 100% pure linen were excellent and they fact they were shipping reasonably locally meant big savings if the linen was any good.

The samples arrived and on the whole, they were lovely! The blue is a little lightweight for medieval clothes although the colour is just so gorgeous, but if the garment was fully lined, it wouldn't be too much of an issue. The other colours were different weights and finishes, but on the whole, very pleasing.

I had already ordered a heap of white linen to make the new Medieval Lady's Chamber display- in particular, the bath curtains and bath sheet- and was pretty pleased with it when it arrived. It's also perfect for chemises or veils. It's my new display for 2022 and part of my mission to combat popular misconceptions about medieval people and cleanliness. I'll be doing a new talk to go with it as well.

That's a big thumbs up from me!
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