The Gilbert Collection is moving!

the Gilbert Collection online
the Gilbert Collection online

I've been thinking about streamlining a number of areas in my life and one of the things I've long wanted to do was migrate the Gilbert Collection website over onto my own domain at where all my Rosalie's Medieval Woman and Author things are.

I have unlimited everything on the domain, and it would save me the registration of the domain name over at the Gilbert Collection.

It's not a big cost, since the hosting is free, but it's a saving never-the-less. I'm already paying for the domain name and hosting on my Medieval Woman site because I have a ton of pages there.

I have spent a bit of time this evening removing pages I don't need to have up any more so there's plenty of room for the entire Gilbert Collection to migrate, and using Dreamweaver makes it very easy to do so. I'd need to rename the files before I move them as I have existing files with the same names and the links would go berserk.

What has put me off, is that moving the files across from one website to the other isn't in itself hard or seriously time consuming, but I wanted to change the page names and the folders they link to before I moved them. I was a bit concerned that if I did that, all of the images site wide would need to be re-inserted into all of the pages individually, and that is a big job. I did one test page just now and I'm thrilled that as long as I change the file names in Dreamweaver, the migration then carried the file links across, even though the host folder is different.

I'll be doing that this week. I know it's not a necessary job, but the other site is active for another 6 weeks, so it gives me time to let people know to update their bookmarks if they need to.


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