Post Non-event Event

Elderberry and cherry tarts
Elderberry and cherry tarts

If there's a tradition to have a post-event barbeque, and the event doesn't go ahead, does the post-event barbeque?

Of course!

All through the year we've worked hard on our kit, clothes and displays, and if the event is cancelled a few days out, that leaves a lot of us with new things which we haven't even used yet!

The answer is to have the post-event event anyway and wear the clothes and share our friendship and fellowship.

Although it was a barbeque (think sausages and burgers) a few members also brought medieval dished to share. 

Chicken and gravy, stews, sweet berry pasteries and elderberry and cherry tarts.

While it was a chill night, the fire warmed us all.

I'm looking forward to the next one.


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