Sunday talking.

Medieval bedroom trials were in no way this civilised.
Medieval bedroom trials were in no way this civilised.

Sunday was a whole other day of fun with friends online and as we go to bed, so Europe and the States wake up. There have been a lot of delayed views of the talks I did on Sunday, and here's the round up.

You may have heard of the infamous Medieval Bedroom Trial Court Case. In unusual circumstances, a woman might divorce her husband for not performing in the bedroom as it was detrimental to her health. Lots of giggles and people enjoyed the witness statements by the people who were there at the time. Poor John, the husband, didn't stand a chance! Adult themes.

It really bothers me that people insist that corsets as we know them today are medieval and that small boys wore them too. Medieval Corsets. What were they really? I've done a little digging and I share some ideas and information.

I also did a session on Real Medieval Brooches. Look at some 14th century bling! I picked out some of my favourite pieces from my collection and talked about some of the interesting features of them. I wound up with my biggest mystery- a tiny double brooch with pins facing each other. What's it for? No one knows. If you know, please tell me.

Early in the day I did a Medieval Hairpiece Turorial. Need hair? I can help! A lot of ladies doing re-enactment of many different time periods don't naturally have the amount of hair required for some of the more exciting hair styles, so we went behind the scenes to see how I made mine.

All in all, another great day of getting my medieval on!


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