Saturday Talking.

Well, all things considered, like the limitations of doing things on a phone and with Facebook LIVE!, I think the day went well.

The talks went well for off the cuff and the wander around in the herb garden wasn't too damp. 

For those of you playing at home, here are the links from today's adventures:

Walk through my herb garden with me!
For people who are curious about my container garden of mostly medieval herbs!

Stitch along to my button-making tutorial! It's also on my website in pictures, for those who find videos a little bit too fast to follow and stitch simultaneously.

Look at some of my Buckle-and-plate artifacts while I tell you things about them! And there's more on my online collections website, the Gilbert Collection.

Ponder some of the strange things that go on in medieval court cases against women! No, really. Cases focus on some of the weirdest things. Bludgeoned to death with an axe? Who cares whether the perpetrator is guilty or not, what we need to know is what kind of axe it was. Clerk, make sure you write that down. It's strange.


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