Abbey At Home

It's only in the direst of circumstances that a festival is cancelled three days before the event, so it was heartbreaking for us all to get the news. Covid snap lockdown. No Abbey Medieval Festival this year. 

I've already taken a week off work, so my new plan is to work on a lot of things and do a heap of short Rosalie's Medieval Woman Facebook live videos with medieval themes.

I've come up with a number of things which I'd like to share with people, so over the course of the Saturday and Sunday, I'll be doing these little presentations:

Walk through my herb garden with me and see what's growing!
A few people have expressed interest in my container garden, so even though it's only a little over 12 months old, I'll do a walk through looking at how things are growing and showing what I've got and what I use for what things.

Look through my collection of original 14th century artifact brooches!
Wanted to look through my artifact collection? Do you like brooches? I have quite a number of them and I'd love to show you through the brooches with settings for stones and the plain shaped brooches. They're pretty groovy!

Making a false medieval hairpiece!
Making a false medieval hairpiece!

Watch how I make a false hairpiece (templers or bosses!)
I've had a false hairpiece half made for years now. It's one of those plaited over the ears in a bun type, called bosses or templers. 

I thought perhaps people might like to see one half already finished and see how I finish the other one off.

Button making tutorial.
Sew along at home if you like! We use cloth buttons for so many things- on hoods, on sleeves, down the front of kirtles and sometimes on the shoulders of cloaks. Buttons are expensive to buy and often are made of cloth to match the item it's going on.

Have a look through my  collection of original 13th-15th century buckles with plates!
If you're not interested in original brooches, perhaps a look through my collection of original buckles with plates which are also very cool. Mostly 14th century, but a few earlier and a few later. 

I'll be talking about some court cases involving women in the medieval period and how that worked out for some of them.
On the whole courts were weirdly specific and some of their findings were grossly unfair. Join me as I cherry pick some of my favourites in both good and bad ways and share them with you.

The Very Secret Sex Lives Of Medieval Women book Q&A
I'll also be answering questions about my book, so if you have a question in mind that you've wondered about, feel free to leave it in the comments before the weekend. I'll be kicking off with some very popular ones like "Where does this information come from?" and "Oh Why did you write this book?"

On the whole, I'll be hanging out at home, but having a medieval time of it. It's better than feeling sorry for myself when, on the whole, other countries have had a worse time of it that our very brief lockdowns. It's just horribly bad timing for us.

Anyway, the weekend will be here in a few short days and perhaps you'll swing by and join me for some medieval fun.


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