Book Updates!

Well, it's been an exciting time in the word of book-related things for me and my lovely team at Mango Publishing. Things are moving along at an exciting pace.

After a chat with my editor today, we are going to see if I can wrangle some pictures for the book. I will need to look at copyrights and sources and see if it's viable, but wouldn't it be exciting to have some pictures?

At this point, I'm thinking that as much as colour pics would be wonderful, black and white keeps the cost of the book down, and as a book buyer, I know this is something to be mindful about.

I also now have a release date which I will share soon! With a bit of luck, it will tie in with some major medieval events in my part of the world, which would be exciting!
#verysecretsexlife #medievalwomen #history #booksaboutwomen


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