medievalrosalie (medievalrosalie) wrote,

A bit of a dag.

In Australia, being a "bit of a dag" is an endearment between friends. It hints that something slightly nerdy is happening but in a good way. It's also interesting to note that in Australia, a dag is quite literally a piece of poo hanging from a sheep's behind. It really is unclear how these two things became a part of our lexicon, but somehow, it did.

In the medieval world, dags or daggues are a fashion statement. They're the decorative, shaped edges of clothing popularly seen in the 14th century.

Tonight I'm adding some 14th century style to a woolen hood by cutting in some daggues. I've used a leaf motif.

Firstly, I cut the oak leaf design onto clear film and cut a set of rectangles the same size to check the spacing. These were placed along the bottom edge of the hood.

Next, the design needed to be marked onto the fabric. I used a biro to get a strong line. I have often found that Tailor's chalk gives a line which dusts off readily. Ink, however, will not.

Following that, I started cutting the little edges out with small scissors with sharp blades.

Although I've only done half, I'm really pleased with the hood's new look! I hope the owner will be pleased too!

Tags: 14thcentury, behindthescenes, handcrafts, handstitched, historicalsewing, makingthings, medievalclothes, medievalcrafts, medievallife, medievalsewing, middleages, reenactment, sewing, workinprogress

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