medievalrosalie (medievalrosalie) wrote,

Linen. I love it.

I love linen. I really do.

There are so many different types of linen and so many uses for it. 

I was excited that my local fabric shop, Spotlight, was having a huge 20%-50% off store-wide last week because I need more linen

To be specific, white linen. 

I'd like to make another chemise, and I'm already planning ahead for the bath curtains to surround my medieval bathtub for next year's displays. And why not make another wimple and veil set if I found the perfect kind of linen to make it from.

As fate would have it, my local Spotlight had exactly zero metres of linen of any kind, so I sadly thought it was for the best. The very next day, friends went to check out the silk at a Spotlight across the city only to find three types of linen. Being the kind of friends they are, they called and I arranged to buy all of what the shop had.

I couldn't have made a happier decision.

The linen was perfect. There looks like enough to make bath curtains. There was some gorgeously gauzy stuff for a veil and wimple and a little extra which is possibly enough for a chemise.

I've been sewing today, not on the things, I should be, but on the wimple and veil because the fabric is simply too beautiful not to. 

I can't wait to wear it.

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