That's what he said...

Now look, I don't want to get anyone too excited here, but apparently, women, as seen through the eyes of Cardinal Hostiensis way back in the 13th century, suffered from their cold, moist natures quite a bit.

In fact, this very coldness was interpreted to mean that they were in need of some heat. 

Happily, a husband could provide this much-needed heat by getting frisky in the bedroom with her, but only because it was necessary for her good health. We certainly wouldn't be having too much fun now, would we?

Cardinal Hostiensis felt so strongly about this, that he urged husbands to take care of this very important (but probably odious in his books) job lest the wives of the parish would stray to other beds.

It was their nature, you understand. Women simply couldn't help it.

Anyway, you heard the man. Go get your toes curled!

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