Safety Squirrel!

Safety squirrel says space yourselves out!
Safety squirrel says space yourselves out!

I have decided to make my tent Covid sign a little more appealing. 

I have a shrine which the sign proper can sit on and it has a little ledge where the hand sanitiser can go and I have bought myself a cute new, gilded, fake squirrel to also sit on the ledge.

Since I've already made the sign and this squirrel is much smaller, I'll need to adjust how many squirrels apart visitors need to stay, and quite frankly, I don't really need a picture of a squirrel on the sign if I have one right there, so I'll need to get that adjusted so it's ready to paint. 

I'll be having the sanitiser in a little linen bag to hide the plastic bottle, but unfortunately, the pump will need to stay exposed so people can see what it actually is. My biggest fear is that someone may take the squirrel. I don't want to glue him to the shrine, so fingers crossed.

In a bonus, the pose of the squirrel is almost exactly the one I have been using for my heraldry. The Gilbert Family at Compton Castle in England have a bit of a squirrel theme going on with carved squirrels in bedposts, railings, in the chapel and on the iron gates.

As a modern Gilbert, I like to keep this theme running. 

Luttrell Psalter, Lady with pet squirrel
Luttrell Psalter, Lady with pet squirrel

Of course, medieval women might have a squirrel for a pet, so that works for 14th century me as well.

Pictured at right is my favourite Luttrell Psalter squirrel. If you look closely, you can see the little gold bell attached to it's collar the same way we attach bells to our cat's collars. 

It's just the cutest thing!


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