Kid's Fun day

This year the Abbey Medieval Festival is extending itself for a further day and running a Friday, Kid's Family Day which has a focus on activities which are aimed at kids.

Obviously, my book cover Selfie Station which is housed inside the tent is not for kids, but I have a number of cute FREE activities which children can take home. 

The take-home activities include a medieval paper doll activity (and the clothes are interchangeable, of course, so while the 14th century medieval stereotypes can be followed, they certainly can reflect whatever clothing choices the person wishes) which has been popular with both adults, children and grandparents alike.

The other activity I have this year for Kid's Fun Day is a Colour Me In Take Home Activity showing traditional medieval clothing from the 14th century and a cute period-appropriate doggo as well.

As a Covid safety measure, I am unable to offer these as anything other than a Take Home Activity, but the great thing about taking them home is that kids will have an activity to do over the school holidays.

And of course, these will be FREE!


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