New look for Rosalie's Medieval Woman website, facebook & author pages

Check out the new website look.

 I'm not keen on making a whole new author website, so I'll have  everything in one place. There's a new banner and menus for better navigation and the book pages have been redone entirely. The sitemap is now the main navigation and it's prettier now too! Facebook has a new banner as well. 

I'm not keen on making a whole new author facebook page either since I have so many really lovely friends on the Rosalie's Medieval Woman one, so  I'll have everything there as well as all the usual artifact collection posts,  manuscript observations, original medieval memes, medieval research and, of course, sewing projects. Over the next week  I'll be putting the new banner and navigation links over the entire  site, but that will take a few nights.

Illuminated manuscript  commissioned from Tania Michaux from Tania Crossingham's School of Illumination for my Manesse Codex style logo and photo by David de Groot from Four Horsemen Photography. It matches the new website banners as well for a more co-hesive look. #medieval #author #reenactor #livinghistory #newbook #verysecretsexlives #medievalwomen #allthehashtags 


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