medievalrosalie (medievalrosalie) wrote,

Change of plan

The fun thing about sewing is how sometimes fabric earmarked for a certain thing turns into fabric for something else.

Last night I was hoping to cut out the lining for a dark, red, figured brocade Polish Kountouz from cream silk. I had already had another project underway for a blue, silk, sideless surcote which also had a lining from the same silk.

Unfortunately, when it came to patterning, we extended the jacket length and now I didn't have quite enough for the Polish jacket. I did have a heap of silk in a silver which was my back up plan if I didn't have quite enough of the cream silk.

When I got the silver out, it became obvious that it would look much better lining the blue surcote than the red Kountouz. Obviously, if I used it for that, I could cut up the surcote lining to match the fabric that I didn't have quite enough of.

The problem was that the surcote lining was already sewn together and pinned into the surcote outer. I'd need to unpin it all.

Worse than that, I'd need to unpick every seam and use the pieces to trace and cut out the new, silver lining.

I gave that a lot of thought, let me tell you.

Fast forward to 20 hours later and the cream lining has been pilled to pieces and pinned into other pieces for the Kountouz lining AND I've traced, cut and pinned the new silvery lining for the blue surcote which can be sewn tomorrow after work.

It was a huge task and it really hurts to unpick sewing, but I'm really happy with the dark red and cream combo and the blue and silver combo.

A big day sewing, but really worth the end results.
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