Final copy finished

Finally finished the final copy. The publishers have the draft copy but now I'm done except for the forward which is supposed to be someone famousy. Total word count 70 267. I was aiming for 40 000, so feeling pretty happy about that. 

To be honest, if I had another six months, I'd probably elaborate more, but I think it's good as it is. I don't want to bore regular people who aren't medievalists and I know some books do go on a bit. Just got the bibliography finished and all that remains is the publishing format, and get the page numbers generated and that will let me put the index numbers on.

At any rate, I'll send this copy through in the morning and let them know I'm doing the formatting. Feeling pretty happy with my work and hoping other people will like it too.

#verysecretsexlives #medievalwomen #history #medievalhistory #book 


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