It's a sign!

I've been working on some Covid signs for my tent for the Abbey Medieval Festival. It's exciting to think we will be going ahead, although in a slightly different capacity this year.

I have two great options. 

One I have printed out on paper and will laminate for use in wet weather, and the other, featuring a squirrel, will be painted onto board with a "Stay 6 squirrels apart" message.

Obviously, this is nose-to-tail squirrels, and good luck getting them to line up.

Other safety measures must be observed this year including hand sanitizing station, disinfectant sprays and wipes for the Selfie Station and a traffic management plan. The tents are supposed to have separate entry and exit points which is tricky in a tent with a single door flap. 

Happily, I do have a wide opening at the front, so this will actually be possible for me.

The weeks are ticking down. It's getting exciting!


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