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I'm always excited when there's a book fair on, but a book fair at our local University is usually jam packed full of reference books!

This was the first time I'd been to the University of Queensland one, so I was extremely keen to see what was on offer and what the prices were like! I was extremely delighted with both!

Most other book fairs have a large number of general reading books, but this was table after table after table of reference books in absolutely immaculate condition.

I was particularly excited to find a number of books I'd wanted for a long time- Andreas Capellanus for starters! His book on The Art of Courtly Love was one that I have referenced but not owned a complete copy of, so that was extremely exciting for me!

A further trip back on half-price final day gave up these treasures (and another 30 non-medieval books ranging from religion to medicine to old, English poetry.)

I'm not the least bit sad to report that the final day Half Price on Everything lured me back for a final pick over, and it was fantastic to pick up a further three boxes of books. Star of the day was a book about Sermons on Sin, which turned out to be from a 15th century preacher I had previously not heard of.

I have hopes that his lecturing on sin will include some great bits I can use in my Medieval Women sex talks. I'm pretty sure it will, because, let's face it, sin and sex are hand in hand in the medieval world.

I bought a few great books about wool, fibres, dying and ancient textiles which all look to be pretty great. A bit on the remedial side, for experienced people, but a really great basic resource for me.

Since I have a library of vintage books, I added some beautiful old tomes to my basket and brought them home for a mere pittance.

Of course, now my To Read pile is overflowing!
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