No sewing today, but a ton of gardening in my mostly medieval garden. 

I have container gardens but I've has a little issue with drainage, so today I emptied all the containers, added pine bark chips for better drainage under the soil and then replanted everything. 

Many of the plants were in pots and will survive an upheaval like this, but others were in the soil, so the next few days will be interesting to see what survives and what doesn't. 

Here's pics of how it was when I started a year ago 

and how it looked before I lifted all the plants:

I needed to move the boxes which were over the drain as there were drain issues and they needed to be cleaned out. They were sitting on planks to stop the soil from falling through, but in spite of creating a great little hideout for the water dragons, they were becoming a bit smelly.

All the boxes had to be emptied to be moved over literally 30cm and that couldn't happen while they were full of wet soil. The soil itself, while being damper than it should be in some places, was extremely worm-rich, which was an extremely happy discovery.

The bees also continued to visit undeterred by the gardening, and one particular skink with somewhat of a death-wish, came perilously close to meeting an untimely end by attempting friendship with my cat. The biggest of the water dragons has taken to stalking my cat, which is proving to be more excitement than she would like.

Some of the bigger herbs, like the rue, sage and feverfew were looking a little sad, but the strawberries needed planting out and a leek (which I hadn't eaten and threw in) has sprouted roots and is looking like it's going to grow happily. The comfrey was suffering from lack of sunshine and hopefully will enjoy its new location better.

I currently have 4 elderflower bushes, and while one is not liking the change of location, I'm hoping it changes its mind and makes a comeback because it's now it a corner which really needs screening. 

The lemongrass, although not medieval, was on the receiving end of a good trim and it will only be a matter of a few days before my kitty has fresh shoots to nibble


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