Library book? Yes!

Soon to be found in Brisbane Libraries!
Soon to be found in Brisbane Libraries!

Very Exciting Announcement! 

My book is being ordered in for Brisbane Libraries

I had to have it assessed for suitability of inclusion, which is the normal thing when a book is released by a local author, so I forwarded a copy to the Collections Officer in the main city library and nervously awaited to hear back.

It was accepted!

If that isn't thrilling enough, soon you will be able to come and hear me talk about it as part of the Brisbane Libraries Author Programme, perhaps as soon an August and September! (Dates to be advised.)

I'm acutely aware that the title of the book may make for some misgivings to the suitability of talks in a local library, but if it's been deemed appropriate, informative and interesting by a Mother Superior, I feel it will pass for library chats.

It is, after all, non fiction, and are libraries not centres of learning? 

I've always been enthusiastic about bringing medieval women to the unsuspecting public, and that certainly should include those of Brisbane library-goers!


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