Renovating the mini bellows

I'm really excited that I've found a pair of mini bellows in an antique store. They're just the cutest, tiniest pair, but they work, so I have a plan for their renovation and future use.

First of all, it's obvious that they're a tourist item from Montjuich, and they have a rather fetching image in a plastic bubble attached to the front. The brass nozzle is fine, but the vinyl for the bellows themselves and the sides need to be replaced with thin leather.

First to deconstruct the bellows.

After carefully prying off the top bubble with a screwdriver, I was able to pull the tacks around the side out and remove the strips at the side securing the bellows. 

The vinyl hanging loop was removed.

The name of the town was also removed.

None of these items were glued down, so the wood underneath was almost completely undamaged in the process.

The securing piece around the nozzle and the bellows themselves were removed.

At this point, all the remains is to sand and oil the wood of the bellows for a smoother finish, which will be a small job, and then use the vinyl as templates to cute the new leather.

Then reassemble. 

The greatest thing about this, is at the end of the project, I will have a working set of teeny tiny bellows which I can use for starting a kitchen fire instead of blowing on it myself and wearing a face full of ash and smoke.

It's the little things which make life nice!

I have some scraps of very thin leather which will work well, some sandpaper and the studs can be reused, so the total cost of this project comes in at the cost price of the bellows- a whole AU$10.00.

And I've recycled and repurposed an item into a useful thing!


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