Easter things

Underarm seam
Underarm seam

I finally finished the pink linen gown tonight and have 3/4 finished a white, linen apron which was made from left over bits. I'm hoping to take a photo of the pink gown in the herb patch with a basket so it looks a bit Easter-y tomorrow, if it's dry and I can find someone to point the camera.

I also tidied the workroom and put fabric into piles so I can kid myself about using them soon. The room's much neater now, but still too full to actually use as a workroom more than a storeroom.  

I'm still recovering from an accident I had last night where I tripped over a power cord and my own feet and landed heavily on my knees and one wrist. Nothing's broken, but I'm very sore and whiny and my midfoot has swollen a bit. Both knees are bruised and sore, but mostly it's my pride. Happily, my cough has disappeared quickly and I'll be able to return back to work on Tuesday without alarming co-workers or patients.

It's been cool and rainy, so it's been a good day for sewing, although I didn't get a  chance to give the grandbabes their Easter eggs and now I'm eyeing them off... sewing and snackables go hand in hand, right?

I also attempted Easter themed photos of my cat for her Insta (don't judge me, but she's @gummibearthegrey if you're interested.)

My constant sewing companion, @gummibearthegrey
My constant sewing companion, @gummibearthegrey

She resisted the bunny ears so much that I'm going to try something else tomorrow. She's not fond of baskets either, so I'll see what I can do.

Seriously, living my best life. 


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