Here be Dragons

An Eastern Water Dragon has adopted my planter box gardens. I'm feeling very excited about this because it hints that the plants are now a suitable little ecosystem of their own. I think I secretly love having a dragon because the Eastern Water Dragon really does look like the kind of dragon we see in medieval art, only it's scaled right down.

I have a lot of vertebrates and invertebrates of all kinds: St Andrew's Cross spiders, Huntsman spiders, little ground spiders of some kind which are not funnelwebs, ladybeetles, caterpillars, grubs, gekkos and skinks, grasshoppers and dragonflies and occasionally black Monarch butterflies and more usually small white butterflies. Birds of all kinds: magpies, pigeons, crested pigeons, ibis, rainbow lorrikeets (in season when the cassia flowers), noisy miners and grey butcher birds (my kitty's favourites.)

Best of all are the bees! I have native bees and the larger, regular kind. The hum around the garden morning and night gathering nectar from all the flowering plants I have growing. 

I spend a lot of time photographing the flowers as the seasons change and the little visitors. Taking good photos of the wildlife is harder, with exception of our adopted Water Dragon, because she's made herself right at home in the garden bed nearest the back door and snuggles into the mulch at night.

She is such a poser and I find myself taking pictures more often than not. I know they get incredibly bossy when fed, but since I've been dealing with a mini grasshopper plague and I have a hungry dragon right at my door... well... it seemed a symbiotic agreement could be reached.

My kitty has extremely mixed feelings about our dragon and was mortified last week when it elbowed its way past her at the back door and came into the kitchen looking for snacks. 

It's cute to see her smiling face first thing in the morning when she sees I'm up and might be coming outside. Dragon smiles are pretty cute!


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