Getting Medieval at Lady Marmalade

It's raining in Brisbane and half the country is flooding, but there's a place that's dry and warm and it has a bar and we're getting medieval there.

I'm so excited to be having an Author Event at our local Cafe & Bar, Lady Marmalade at the beautiful (but somewhat soggy) Stones Corner in Brisbane. 

The evening is hosted by my local book store, Books@Stones who have the book in stock and hosted my first ever book signing right before Valentine's Day. 

What do we have planned for the evening? You'll get to hear me chat about my book and answer the most commonly asked questions. I'm taking a photo booth with a real, live knight in shining armour and some beautiful medieval ladies and why not add a live medieval musician into the mix? I'll have some medieval clothing on display as well.

There will be books for sale if you need one for yourself or a friend (and Mother's day isn't too far off) and of course, you can have it signed by yours truly if you'd like!

It's just going to be such a fun time. Doors opening at 5.30pm. 


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