medievalrosalie (medievalrosalie) wrote,

Rainy day achieving

Another productive day!

I've also cut and started sewing the side triangular gores on the thick, blue wool surcote to go over my newest silk gown. Both gores are attached but are in the process of being sewn down.

Here's how it looks on the good side when it's half stitched down.

I'm really loving the colour, and worn with a white veil and wimple, it should be very flattering to my skin tone and colouring.

One does run the risk of looking like The Virgin when wearing early 14th century gowns but I can live with that for such a pretty blue.
Tags: 14thcentury, handcrafts, handstitched, historicalsewing, livinghistory, makingthings, medievalclothes, medievalsewing, medievalwomen, middleages, reenactment, sewing, traditionalcrafts

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