Quiet time

Embroidered silk hood
Embroidered silk hood

Today I'm having a quiet day at home on the couch trying to get rid of this sore throat before I have my Covid Vaccine tomorrow. 

Ivory mirror back, detail
Ivory mirror back, detail

I'm still working on a silk hood for me with embroidered decoration taken from a beautiful ivory, carved mirror back dated in the 14th century. I'm couching, which has become my favourite thing since I learned how to get it to look nice. 

I wasn't too sure which side I wanted to be out, but since I have an outfit the blue, I went with silver on the outside and blue silk thread for the decoration.

I'm now sewing the lining into the outer and in between naps, that should get the bottom seam done. I'm just tacking it together so I can flip in inside out and sew it down properly.


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