Thrilling news!

Goodness me, it's been a busy few days! The follow-up from the ABC Radio interview has been so much better than I could have hoped for! It seems I'm not the only modern woman who feels that censoring the nipple on the front cover of the book sends an entirely wrong message in today's world. 

I'm invited back to chat about this with the rather fantastic Sheridan Stewart who is still slightly agog about the Wandering Womb Theory and whether it might be used to excuse any number of female complaints! Just kidding! It does make one wonder though whether if they were lumbered with this kind of nonsense back in the middle ages, whether any women used it to their advantage. 

Not tonight dear, I have a terrible headache. I guess my womb is stuck in my head again. Nothing I can do about it. Goodnight!

As a bonus, they were very interested in touching bases and connecting with my cover art illuminator, Tania, a long time friend and founder of the Tania Crossingham School of Illumination for a chat about what she does. 

Queensland Museum, Medieval Power
Queensland Museum, Medieval Power

As well as the cover of my book, I've worked alongside Tania when the British Museum exhibition came to the Queensland Museum with their amazing "Medieval Power: Symbols & Splendour."  

I had a number of displays and talks, including some After Dark program talks of Between Linen Sheets: The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women and Tania gave some beautiful illumination demonstrations and displays. 

It's just thrilling and I'm excited about the possibilities.


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