Trying to get pregnant?

Trying to have a baby? Are you in need of some medieval herbal help? Yes? 

Not for the first time, I invite you to not try this at home!  

Medical health journals like the Tacuinum Sanitatus  of Vienna had a lot of really helpful advice for a large range of  illnesses and ailments, but it also included some unusual advice for  those trying to conceive. Perhaps a lack on the husband's part might be  the problem? Don't worry, Ladies! All is not yet lost!  

Nasturtiums  are a relatively easy garden plant to grow with bright colourful  flowers and edible pods and leaves. According to the book in question,  these tangy plants may help in the necessary requirements for  baby-making, but also may cause migraines, which, as any woman knows, is  absolutely not-the-least baby-inducing.   

Luckily, a slight  sprinkle with vinegar and all will be well again. The mood and passions  reignited and in the months to follow, the bloom of a new life!  

That's the theory, at least.   

It might be true that you don't make friends with salad, but might you make a baby? 

On  your next romantic evening in, dim the lights, light the candles and as  your eyes meet across the flickering glow, tell your special someone  you've prepared the ultimate sexy dinner and wow him with that  nasturtium salad. I bet he'll be speechless.  

You're welcome.


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