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An Interview on the ABC Radio

Oh, this was just so much fun!

Friday morning at 9.40am saw me excitedly standing by to chat to ABC Sunshine Coast Morning Radio host, Sheridan Stewart about medieval lady things, feminine hygiene in the middle ages and my book!

I really love how astonished people can be when I tell then things that is common knowledge to many re-enactors and historians. Most people hearing these things for the first time are often amazed and sometimes shocked and it's for these people I wrote my book. People who haven't heard about the Wandering Womb theory and can't believe that it could have been true.

And it just snowballs from there.

Anyway, the interview was arranged by the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology team (and by team, I mean Michael G who is a champion) to promote the Secret Women's Business: Medieval Feminine Hygiene talk which had already sold out, but it was fantastic that Sheridan kindly mentioned my book and found the topic to be interesting!

We had so much fun!

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