Got the blues

Literally. I've got the blues. The wool arrived today from Super Cheap Fabrics and it's beautiful! It's bluer than I was expecting, to a couple of good washes to pull some dye out is on the cards, but on the up side, it's a shade which will work well over the silk gown I've recently made. 

It's quite a thick wool too, so that's a plus, since it's destined to be a toasty surcote with high armholes for wear on seriously cold days and for early in the mornings at events when photographers are out and about before the gates are open and we aren't ready for them. 

I'm very fond of a good surcote, especially the high armhole ones, because they hide a multitude of costuming crimes providing the sleeves are okay on the kirtle underneath. 

And they look like a tent no matter if one is slender or a little chunky. Everyone looks like a tent. And they're pretty with a wimple.

After the pale pink gown disaster, I'm looking to make this up for Abbey and St Ives this year as potential day wear if it's cold. I'll be using the most basic pattern and possibly adding gores in later if I'm enthused.


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