Media overload

It's nothing, nothing, nothing and then it's me everywhere! It's just so weird, right? 

After all this time of not being able to do things, people are keen to get back into the swing as soon as they can. This week I have a radio interview on ABC (Sunshine Coast on Friday morning, a talk and book signing at a museum on Saturday after lunch, and a magazine came out with an ad for the talk (full page, just in case you haven't seen it on facebook) and an article on the last talk I gave. 

It's really me overload.

I'm glad to promote things, because the museum talk is a fundraiser and the museum has suffered with Covid, like everyone else and they need the money, but it just seems like I can't look anywhere without seeing myself. It's just so... weird.

All that aside, I believe tickets are selling out and the event will bring some much needed revenue into the coffers and again I get to talk about something I love- medieval women.


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