Sick of it?

Tacuinum Sanitatus of Rouen. Oranges.
Tacuinum Sanitatus of Rouen. Oranges.

There were many wonderful medieval remedies for the ailing medieval woman, but as usual, it really depended on where she lived as to whether she likely had access to toe base ingredients.

This recipe for nausea might be utilised by women for morning sickness, but not if she lived in England, where oranges were unknown during the early middle ages. A lady who lived in Spain or Italy might have much better success in obtaining oranges, if not from the market, perhaps from her own kitchen garden.

The Tacuinim Sanitatus is a textbook which has  five surviving copies, and this particular piece of advice comes from the Rouen version. Often, information was included even if the ingredients were exotic. I particularly like that the orange peel might be candied, but the instructions for doing this are not helpfully included. It is assumed that this was a process which was a familiar one to the person dispensing medical advice.

As with so very many medical recipes, wine is recommended as well. 

Wine. It fixes everything.


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