Book signing

Esquire Anthony Wright and Rosalie Gilbert
Esquire Anthony Wright and Rosalie Gilbert

The book signing... my very first one in the real world... went really well! I was so fortunate to have amazing friends who came and made the day a success. friends who traveled, friends who bought books, friends who dressed in armour in the sweltering heat, friends who came and dressed up and kept me company.

Biggest shout out to Lauren and Ben, who really stepped up and were amazing! Also a huge shout out to Books@Stones who hosted the signing and sold quite a few books in the process.

The Valentine Giveaway went really well and had quite a lot of entries. The book shop reported a great morning of sales, so having me there signing and with my little medieval display, clearly caught people's eye. The fact we had a knight in shining armour handing out roses may have had quite a lot to do with it.

I was pretty excited to wear my new circlet with the jewelled roses and the new Baden Baden belt with my new early 14th century gown. I'm glad I went with the wimple in the end, as it worked really well with the rest of the clothing.

I'm now looking forward to our next hosted event- our Medieval Night Out at Lady Marmalade Cafe at Stones Corner.


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