Medieval Love Tokens

Medieval love tokens
Medieval love tokens

Giving the perfect gift is always a tricky business. Now and in medieval  times, giving a gift which says too little or too much might be fraught  with peril. 

Helpfully, medieval author Andreas Capellanus  included a list of things might give to the medieval women without  creating issues, although, he warns, these must be done in the correct  spirit.  

Looking down his list, it seems a little more  complicated than first meets the eye. A circlet of silver or gold is an  extremely expensive present. A mirror seems an extremely personal one. A  ring? Really? A comb might seem a bit of a lack-lustre idea compared to  other items on his list, but a hand-carved ivory comb with carved  figures or a boxwood comb with sliding compartments for cosmetics is not  a tiny gift at all.   

Today as frantic men and ladies hit the  shops in order to find that perfect gift, uncertainly still affects our  choices. Flowers? Daisies or roses? What colour roses? The  nuances of the flower colour code still lives today and can cause untold  awkwardness if the incorrect colour is selected.


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