With a bushfire burning 5 minutes away from my sister's farm, I'm anxious as anything. She's got the animals in easy reach if the wind swings around and they need to evacuate during the night suddenly. Me, I'm stress sewing!

I know I should be working on projects I've already started and the drill bit is just sitting there waiting for me to finish that circlet but I just need something I can sew without thinking, so I'm working on a new silk hood for me! 

Silk. Hood outer and lining, thread, scissors.
Silk. Hood outer and lining, thread, scissors.

I worried and angst-ed about which side to have outer- the silver or the blue, but the blue matches the gown, so I decided silver side out and blue embroidery lines and scallops. I'll line with the blue. To be honest, there's no reason why the hood can't match the outfit, but I feel like the silver will go with many more outfits that a blue hood will.


The Valentine giveaways seem to be doing well, although I thought there would be more takers on the cat-and-lady one. Oh, well! I'm hoping the in-store one will be doing well. I have a million things on my weekend To Do List, so let's hope tomorrow isn't to hectic at work.

Fingers crossed.


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