I learned about this fine art from a friend who was herself, extremely busy procraftinating.

I always knew there should be a word for that time when you're working on a craft project but you keep stopping and go on to work on other, smaller projects while you think about the first, more important one. Procrastinating by crafting. Procraftinating.

Today I practiced this fine art by not working on the jewelled fillet I'm making by shopping for the teeny, wee drill bits I needed to drill the holes in the metal fillet. They were achieved quickly, so I attempted to buy a garden arch for my new jasmine to grow on. Not finding one, I desperately needed to delay a bit longer, so I built a wooden climbing frame for the jasmine instead. I only ceased when it became too dark to work outside.

Anyone who has been following my projects of late will already know my terrible secret. The jewelled fillet isn't the main project. It's actually the procraftination of the silk tablet-woven belt with the enameled belt mounts.


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