On display!

So  thrilled! My local book shop has my book in their front window AND  inside in the special new releases window! They have been such a godsend when it has come to navigating new authorship and they are just wonderful!

I'm really looking forward to doing the events with them, and I'm hoping the giveaway will bring new people in to see how great their little book shop is!

Valentine's Day Giveaway
Valentine's Day Giveaway

I dropped the Valentine's Day  giveaway prize in today... all you need to do to win is drop in and  write your name and number on a heart. No purchase needed! Just say  hello! The prize pack includes some cool medieval themed things including my book,  notepad, bookmark, 2 types of elderflower cordials (one just elderflower, one elderflower and rose), liqueur mead, hemp hand cream and hand dipped  beeswax candles!

Finally it feels so great to have my book put and about in the country I live in!


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