Valentine's Day Giveaway!

You know there are certain stereotypes out and about that hint that a  single lady with a cat is perhaps a sad person. Lonely. Unloved. It  couldn't be further from the truth!

As a single lady and a cat  owner, I'm here to tell you that you're never unloved as long as you can  tear open a pouch of cat food and wield a kibble dispenser of some  kind. Nights are never lonely with a ball of fur lying across that book  you're attempting to read and heaven knows, you're never alone in the  smallest room in the house if you have a feline chaperone. Never.

It's  quite delightful that medieval ladies were also cat lovers. Household  accounts and personal letters document their diets and most charmingly  tell us of the best kind of cat to get- it's the orange ones, in case  you were wondering- and what to expect as a new cat owner. We see them  extensively represented in medieval artworks, both as mouse catchers and  as pets. 

Even nuns might be permitted a small one. In some  cases. They were not to be a distraction from spiritual matters though.  In the guidebook for nuns, the Ancrene Riwle, it mentions how to keep a cat:

Unless  needs compel you, dear sisters, and your director advises it, you must  not keep any animal except a cat... Now if someone needs to keep one,  let her see to it that it does not annoy anyone  or do any harm to  anybody, and  that her thoughts are not taken up with it. An Anchoress  ought not have anything which draws her heart outwards.

It actually sounds the perfect thing to draw one's heart to, does it not? Toe-beans and whiskers?

This  Valentine's Day, to celebrate my fellow cat-owning, single lady  friends, I'm having a giveaway on Facebook on the Rosalie's Medieval  Woman page. Share a picture of you and your kitty and have a chance to  win a book!

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