I know I wasn't sure whether having two blogs was going to be excessive and time consuming and, well, unnecessary, but I'm finding more and more that I'm loving the freedom to update small projects which the book following people really don't care about (or need to know.)

I'm definitely rambling less on facebook, so that's a win too. I probably need to take more photos of things, so the same ones aren't turning up again and again on every social media platform. I want the nicer ones for Instagram, the how-I'm-doing-it ones for facebook (so others can share my making processes and ask questions if they get stuck) and the thinking out loud type things here. I'm finding that as I type things out here, it helps me to be more objective about what I'm planning, so that's a plus.  A couple of times I've been writing something down and thought of a better way to do it, whereas just thinking about it in my head gives mixed results, or I feel indecisive. Writing it down makes me feel like I HAVE to get on with it.

Of course, there's posts like this, which are basically by myself for myself.

It's quite liberating.


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