Medieval Night Out

LadyMCafe book event
LadyMCafe book event

Our Book Event on 25th March, 20201 will encompass these fun things to make it a night to remember:

 - Talk about fun facts about the sex lives of medieval women with snippets from the book. There's always a lot to talk about!

 - A Q&A over drinks and snacks (possibly medieval themed). There's a complimentary drink on entry (which is $10 to cover venue and staff and a drink) and a bar with cheese platters available to buy if one feels inclined.

 - A medieval lucky door prize supplied by myself which includes the book, notepad, two types of elderflower cordials, a delicious liqueur mead, hemp hand cream, and bundle of hand-dipped beeswax candles. All in a basket! I love baskets.

 - Selfie Station of the book cover where guests put their own face into the cover of the book. I have been DYING to use this in public!

 - Beautiful medieval lady in historically accurate 14th century fashion to mix and mingle with guests and for photo opportunities. Much thanks to my gorgeous friend Lauren, who is prepared to be bribed by cheese and snacks to do this for me. As a plus, we can do a little surreptitious potential recruiting for Companie Draco Routier, one of our local 14th century groups!

 - Knight in shining armour available for mixing and mingling and photos with guests. Lauren's Fiancee is desperately hoping it's not too hot and that it's air-conditioned inside so he can smile the night long in armour!

 - Medieval ambient music by a medieval musician! The biggest thanks in the world to my friend Michelle who has a recorder (who knew it would prove to be useful after Primary school had finished?) and another instrument for wandering and playing!

 - Flower circlets for the staff to wear for the event. Quite frankly, I'm hoping members of the public come with their own, because that would be fun!

 - Books@Stones selling books, because maybe someone will want to take some medieval goodness home with them.

 - Book signings. I will totally write stuff on your book if you want me to!


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