New Blog Things!

I've decided to make some changes around here. I've been incredibly stressed about the ads that I can get rid of for other LJ users but still pop up for general visitors. So... with that in mind, I'm just going to post up sewing and reenactment stuff with a bit of what's going on at home as well. It will be an open journal still at this point unless stalkery ex-boyfriends start to be an issue, which I hope they won't.

I know I put a lot of sewing things up on facebook, but I really don;t like to post more than once a day on my Rosalie's Medieval Woman page and my other page I don't like to have too much personal stuff on because I KNOW that's where the stalkery exes are.

So, to sum up- There will be longer winded posts on behind the scenes things that I don't want to bore people with. I'll blog more often, but it might ramble a bit.

A fellow blogger here said LJ is like sitting around the kitchen table with friends whereas facebook is a bit more like looking over a strangers shoulder. It's so true. You see into their worlds and you might become friends with them, but there's so many people there and to stay up to date you need to friend people who perhaps you may not want to share things with. Changing settings like a crazy person every post doesn't work for me. I'm sure to accidentally say something on an open post that was for friends but not family or vice versa.

This is the solution, I think.

And for my poor, long suffering friend, Sister Michael, I'll post the blog posts to fb so she doesn't have to get yet another social media thing.  

Now to see if I really can customise my masthead of Dreamwidth or not. As always, I'll be here.  Perhaps a bit more often, if I'm not sharing it with the world. Let's face it, most of the world is too lazy to hunt down blogs unless they have one of their own. We know who we are.


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