A taste of medieval

Elderflower pancakes
Elderflower pancakes

Elderflowers in batter may not be a medieval recipe, but elderflower cheesecake, known as Sambucade, most definitely was! As the modern world keeps us on our toes, a quick and wonderfully fragrant breakfast treat which easy to make. Topped with elderflower syrup (available from you local supermarket) and fresh seasonal berries. Here's how.

Everyone has a favourite pancake recipe, so use that. Call your Mum or your Grannie for hers. Make friends with your neighbour and ask them. No joy? Ask your phone to find you one.

If you're too time-poor to face measuring out ingredients and washing up bowls afterwards, (and let's be honest, lady Sunday mornings aren't meant for washing a mountain of breakfast dishes!) skip the whole process by grabbing a pre-mix shake-and-pour from the supermarket. I use milk rather than water for a creamier shake-and-bake pancake. Feel free to try almond milk for a sweeter pancake.

After you've poured the batter into the pan, snip your fresh elderflower heads right onto the batter. Cook as usual and serve with the syrup or cordial and a dash of cream for a delectable treat.

Mmmmmmm. Pancakes!


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