Plucking Roses: The Newest Living History Challenge

Plucking roses? Medieval art is often surprising, to say the least!
Plucking roses? Medieval art is often surprising, to say the least!

Anyone involved with living history and re-enactment is aware that over the Covid-19 lockdown, a number of amazing challenge projects have been undertaken on a global scale where history people have recreated and interpreted themes together while apart.

The very newest Challenge is #pluckingroses, where participants are challenged to recreate an item regarding to aspects of the sex life of medieval women. It might be an item of clothing from Sumptuary Laws for prostitutes, it might be making carnival badges (those crowned vaginas and winged penises are huge medieval favourites) or it might be recreating recipes (to to use) for contraception or for women's health.

I read the initial Challenge post and guidelines on this wonderful blog here and if you're into history and have an enquiring mind, you might like to check them out as well before participating.

The group, “Wienische Hantwërcliute 1350” are a German Re-enactment and Living History Group who depict Viennese, citizens, simple folk and craftsmen around 1350 A.D., just after the first large wave of the  black death has left Austria again, a time of great change in society  and when financially strengthened citizens rise to influence in the  medieval city. A big thank you to them for kicking this one off!

Of course, hash-tagging your results will make sure your adventures, misadventures, successes and creations are found and shared! I know I'll be playing along, but at the time of writing, I'm not sure which will be my first project! There's just so much to choose from!


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