Medieval Morning Tea for frontline workers at QEII Hospital

Frontline workers get medieval
Frontline workers get medieval

A Medieval Morning Tea was held today at Queensland X-Ray, QEII Hospital to celebrate the book launch of staff member, Rosalie Gilbert who provided an amazing array of medieval foods and drinks served on  a hand-woven cloth and museum-replica tableware. Rosalie's book, The Very Secret Sex Lives of Medieval Women was launched today.

Radiographers, Sonographers, Health Care workers and Front reception staff were treated to a feast for the eyes and tastebuds.

The menu included Spiced Pears in Elderflower, Custard and blueberry tarts, Egg and leek tarts, Bacon and cheese pie, Lemon tart, Cherries pies, Raspberry tarts, Almond cake, Fennel and onion pottage, olives, berries, dried and fresh fruits, Sambucade (medieval cheesecake) and cheeses.

Drinks included Pomegranate juice and Elderflower-and-rose cordial.
A big tray of tasty medieval treats also made their way over to the Emergency Department Tea Room for the nurses and doctors on late shift tonight!


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